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Scottish Rowers Get an Unusual Perspective on Regensburg


After the guided tour of the city on Saturday after the reception in the townhall, our Scottish guests were up for another treat on Wednesday. We had arranged for them a visit of the "Dombauhütte" or cathedral workshop in charge of the maintainance of the cathedral. In the workshop, they learned about the craft of the stonemason that has not changed significantly since the Middle Ages. Then, in two groups, one guided by stonemason Baumüller, one by Christian Brunner, they were allowed to climb up into the towers of the cathedral, reaching first the top of the vault from which they could look down 32 m into the nave of the church, before proceding to the bridge between the two spires (56 m above ground . . . but still 43 m from the very top) from which they had an excellent view of the city and the surrounding landscape.

Text and photographs by R. F. Dietze


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